Research Areas

Our group works towards developing data-driven techniques for improving Internet path selection by building upon the capabilities offered by the new generation of programmable network devices. Specifically, we are developing scalable and safe (i.e. provably correct) techniques to enable programmable network devices to quickly detect performance problems across a large numbers of flows, dynamically evaluate alternative paths and reroute traffic accordingly.
Our group is investigating new kinds of measurement and reasoning techniques enabling to: (i) collect high-quality network statistics in a scalable way; and (ii) extract meaningful insights from them.
In the last few years our group has taken pioneering steps to enable declarative network programming, a new network management paradigm in which network operators only need specify the high-level policies they want enforced in their network (the what) not how.
Our group investigates how we can build more secure networked systems by: (i) analyzing the effects of important attack vectors such as Internet routing attacks; and (ii) enabling the network itself to detect and mitigate insider attacks instead of relying purely on perimeter-based protection.
The Internet has grown to become an indispensable part of our lives. It also consumes massive amounts of energy and is accountable for an increasingly large share of the worldwide carbon footprint--each in the order of a couple of percent! The question is not *if* but *how* we can improve Internet sustainability.
Our group is involved in verifying that network controllers are correct through static and dynamic analysis. We are also studying how we can make network controller "hot-swappable", enabling network controllers to be upgraded at runtime without creating any disruption.