Network Security

Today’s networks are not strictly speaking “safe” places. New attacks on connected infrastructures are reported literally every day leading to loss of connectivity, reduced performance or violation of privacy. Moreover, while these attacks used to originate mostly from the Internet, nowadays however, the majority of them are performed by insiders, acting directly from within the network. The advent of the Internet-of-Things (IoT) obviously does not help—many of these devices have serious security vulnerabilities.

Our group investigates how we can build more secure networked systems by: (i) analyzing the effects of important attack vectors such as Internet routing attacks; and (ii) enabling the network itself to detect and mitigate insider attacks instead of relying purely on perimeter-based protection.

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Aggregate-Based Congestion Control for Pulse-Wave DDoS Defense

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Exploring Morphing DDoS Attacks (MA)
Student: Nikodem Kernbach
Supervisors: Muoi Tran, Theo von Arx, and Laurent Vanbever
Manipulating BGP monitors (SA)
Student: Alessandro Giaconia
Supervisors: Muoi Tran and Laurent Vanbever