Laurent Vanbever

My research interests lie at the crossroads of theory and practice, with a focus on network programmability. Overall, I aim at making networks both more performant and easier to manage.

I completed my PhD in computer science in 2012 at the University of Louvain under the guidance of Olivier Bonaventure. My thesis is entitled "Methods and Techniques for Disruption-Free Network Reconfiguration". After my PhD, I spent two years at Princeton University working with Jennifer Rexford as a postdoctoral researcher.

Prior to my PhD, I earned my master degree in computer science from the University of Louvain in 2008. I also earned a master degree in management from the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management in 2010.

Check my resume for further information.

Recent Selected Publications

NetHide: Secure and Practical Network Topology Obfuscation

Roland Meier, Petar Tsankov, Vincent Lenders, Laurent Vanbever, Martin Vechev

USENIX Security 2018. Baltimore, MD, USA (August 2018).

Bayonet: Probabilistic Inference for Networks

Timon Gehr, Sasa Misailovic, Petar Tsankov, Laurent Vanbever, Pascal Wiesman, Martin Vechev

PLDI 2018. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA (June 2018).

Stroboscope: Declarative Network Monitoring on a Budget

Olivier Tilmans, Tobias Bühler, Ingmar Poese, Stefano Vissicchio, Laurent Vanbever

USENIX NSDI 2018. Renton, Washington, USA (April 2018).

NetComplete: Practical Network-Wide Configuration Synthesis with Autocompletion

Ahmed El-Hassany, Petar Tsankov, Laurent Vanbever, Martin Vechev

USENIX NSDI 2018. Renton, Washington, USA (April 2018).

Net2Text: Query-Guided Summarization of Network Forwarding Behaviors

Rüdiger Birkner, Dana Drachsler Cohen, Laurent Vanbever, Martin Vechev

USENIX NSDI 2018. Renton, Washington, USA (April 2018).

Integrating Verification and Repair into the Control Plane

Aaron Gember-Jacobson, Costin Raiciu, Laurent Vanbever

ACM HotNets 2017. Palo Alto, California, USA (November 2017).

SWIFT: Predictive Fast Reroute.

Thomas Holterbach, Stefano Vissicchio, Alberto Dainotti, Laurent Vanbever

ACM SIGCOMM 2017. Los Angeles, California, USA (August 2017).

Network-wide Configuration Synthesis.

Ahmed El-Hassany, Petar Tsankov, Laurent Vanbever, Martin Vechev

CAV 2017. Heidelberg, Germany (July 2017).

Hijacking Bitcoin: Routing Attacks on Cryptocurrencies.

Maria Apostolaki, Aviv Zohar, Laurent Vanbever

IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy 2017. San Jose, CA, USA (May 2017).

Mille-Feuille: Putting ISP traffic under the scalpel.

Olivier Tilmans, Tobias Bühler, Stefano Vissicchio, Laurent Vanbever

ACM HotNets 2016. Atlanta, Georgia, USA (November 2016).


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Autumn 2017

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Autumn 2016

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Supervised Theses

Traffic Matrix Obfuscation (M)

Dimitra Azariadi

Supervisors: Roland Meier, Prof. Laurent Vanbever

Net2Text: A Matter of Time (M)

Philipp Mao

Supervisors: Rüdiger Birkner, Prof. Laurent Vanbever

Network Monitoring and Attack Detection (M)

Nicolas Känzig

Supervisors: Roland Meier, Dr. Luca Gambazzi, Dr. Vincent Lenders, Prof. Laurent Vanbever

Data Plane Driven Network Convergence (M)

Fabian Schleiss

Supervisors: Thomas Holterbach, Edgar Costa Molero, Prof. Laurent Vanbever