Muoi Tran

Muoi Tran

My full name is Tran Duc Muoi.

I am a postdoctoral researcher in the NSG group (D-ITET, ETH Zurich) led by prof. Laurent Vanbever. My research topics of interest include network and blockchain security. I am fascinated by novel attacks that break large systems and how to counter them, toward an overall goal of building a more secure Internet.

I obtained my Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from National University of Singapore in 2022 under the guidance of prof. Zhenkai Liang and prof. Min Suk Kang. My Ph.D. thesis is “Handling network attacks exploiting routing information asymmetries”. Prior to my Ph.D., I earned my B.S. degree from Vietnam National University in 2015.

To find more about my research, check out my CV.

For prospective students, I offer supervision to semester projects, bachelor theses, and master theses. Please contact me with your research ideas, or select a proposal from the list of available theses below.

I am also open to collaboration and serving the community. Please send me an email.

Research Area


Running Theses

Manipulating BGP monitors (SA)
Student: Alessandro Giaconia
Supervisors: Muoi Tran and Laurent Vanbever
Exploring Morphing DDoS Attacks (MA)
Student: Nikodem Kernbach
Supervisors: Muoi Tran, Theo von Arx, and Laurent Vanbever

Supervised Theses

Stealthier BGP Hijacking Attacks (SA)
Student: Dominique Portenier
Supervisors: Theo von Arx, Muoi Tran, and Laurent Vanbever
Network-level Attacks Against Etherum PoS (SA, MA)
Student: Kai De Windt
Supervisors: Lioba Heimbach, Muoi Tran, and Roger Wattenhofer
The Ramifications of Physical Failures on the Logical Internet (SA)
Student: Kilian Dasen
Supervisors: Ege Cem Kırcı, Muoi Tran, and Laurent Vanbever
Generalizing Passive Routing Attacks Against Overlay Networks (MA)
Student: Theo von Arx
Supervisors: Muoi Tran and Laurent Vanbever