Roland Meier

I am a second year PhD student with focus on the security of computer networks. In particular, I work on solutions which leverage recent advances in network programmability to make networks able to detect and mitigate attacks and to provide more security and privacy. Part of my work is funded by armasuisse and the Zurich Information Security & Privacy Center (ZISC).

I received both my master and my bachelor degree in electrical engineering and information technology from ETH Zürich.

Recent Publications

NetHide: Secure and Practical Network Topology Obfuscation

Roland Meier, Petar Tsankov, Vincent Lenders, Laurent Vanbever, Martin Vechev

USENIX Security 2018. Baltimore, MD, USA (August 2018).

FeedRank: A Tamper-resistant Method for the Ranking of Cyber Threat Intelligence Feeds

Roland Meier, Cornelia Scherrer, David Gugelmann, Vincent Lenders, Laurent Vanbever

NATO CCD COE CyCon 2018. Tallinn, Estonia (May 2018).

iTAP: In-network Traffic Analysis Prevention Using Software-Defined Networks

Roland Meier, David Gugelmann, Laurent Vanbever

ACM SOSR 2017. Santa Clara, CA, USA (April 2017).


Communication Networks


Spring 2018

Communication Networks


Spring 2017

Supervised Theses

Monitoring and Controlling Network Reconnaissance using Programmable Networks (S)

Tomer Gidron

Supervisors: Roland Meier, Prof. Laurent Vanbever

Leveraging Network Programmability for Machine Learning in the Data Plane (M)

Coralie Busse-Grawitz

Supervisors: Roland Meier, Tobias Bühler, Alexander Dietmüller, Prof. Laurent Vanbever

Packet Header Obfuscation in the Data Plane (S)

Ege Cem Kirci

Supervisors: Roland Meier, Prof. Laurent Vanbever

Traffic Matrix Obfuscation (M)

Dimitra Azariadi

Supervisors: Roland Meier, Prof. Laurent Vanbever

Network Monitoring and Attack Detection (M)

Nicolas Känzig

Supervisors: Roland Meier, Dr. Luca Gambazzi, Dr. Vincent Lenders, Prof. Laurent Vanbever

Data-driven classification and isolation of network devices (S)

Coralie Busse-Grawitz

Supervisors: Roland Meier, Prof. Laurent Vanbever

Detection of Malicious Remote Shell Sessions (S)

Pierre Dumont-dit-Voitel

Supervisors: Roland Meier, Dr. David Gugelmann, Dr. Vincent Lenders

In-network Anomaly Detection with Programmable Switches (S)

Fabian Schleiss

Supervisors: Roland Meier, Prof. Laurent Vanbever

Methods to Evaluate Cyber Threat Intelligence Feeds (M)

Cornelia Scherrer

Supervisors: Dr. David Gugelmann, Roland Meier, Dr. Vincent Lenders