Romain Jacob

I am postdoctoral researcher at ETH Zurich in the group of Prof. Laurent Vanbever. I am current leading the Sustainable Networking area of research within the group.

More generally, I worked communication protocols, (real-time) scheduling theory, and statistics applied to experimental design; among others.

In 2019, I completed my doctoral studies under the supervision of Prof. Lothar Thiele, also at ETH. My dissertation is entitled “Leveraging Synchronous Transmissions for the Design of Real-time Wireless Cyber-Physical Systems.” Before joining ETH, I obtained a Master of Science in Engineering of Complex Systems (2015) and Master for Faculty Training for Higher Education (2013) both from École Normale Supérieure de Cachan (now ENS Paris-Saclay). In 2014, I spent a year in UC Berkeley as visiting scholar under the supervision of Prof. Karl Hedrick.

I am an Open Science enthusiast and try to advocating for it whenever I can. When time allows, I am also involved in science communication projects.


What keeps your network up at night? A link sleeping study of Switch LAN

Sustainable Networking - AdvNet 2023

On taking network power down

The Internet of tomorrow must sleep more and grow old - RIPE87 (2023)

The Internet of tomorrow must sleep more and grow old - HotCarbon (2022)


Running Theses

Supervised Theses

Data Visualization of Switzerland's Resarch and Education Network (Group project)
Student: Simon Englert, Leonard Wechsler
Supervisors: Romain Jacob and Laurent Vanbever
Greening the Internet by putting networks to sleep (BA)
Student: Andri Furrer
Supervisors: Romain Jacob and Laurent Vanbever
21st century data visualization for enhancing student learning (BA)
Student: Teodora Rajkovic
Supervisors: Romain Jacob, Edgar Costa Molero, and Laurent Vanbever
Advancing packet-level traffic predictions with Transformers (MA)
Student: Siddhant Ray
Supervisors: Laurent Vanbever, Alexander Dietmüller, and Romain Jacob
Advancing Predictions for Video Streaming with Transformers (SA)
Student: Lukas Röllin
Supervisors: Alexander Dietmüller, Romain Jacob, and Laurent Vanbever
Routing in P4 (SA)
Student: Zhengqing Liu
Supervisors: Romain Jacob, Roland Schmid, and Laurent Vanbever
Process Mining for Networking (SA)
Student: Kévin Selänne
Supervisors: Romain Jacob and Laurent Vanbever
In Search of Network Shifts (BA)
Student: Fredrik Nestaas
Supervisors: Alexander Dietmüller and Romain Jacob