Rüdiger Birkner

I am a second year PhD student co-advised by Prof. Dr. Laurent Vanbever and Prof. Dr. Martin Vechev of the Software Reliability Lab.

Before starting my PhD, I earned a master degree in electrical engineering from ETH Zürich in 2016. In the course of my studies at ETH, I spent six months as visiting research student at Princeton University working with Nick Feamster. In addition, I completed the UNITECH International programme.

Recent Publications

Net2Text: Interactive Summarization of Network Forwarding Behaviors

Rüdiger Birkner, Dana Drachsler Cohen, Laurent Vanbever, Martin Vechev

USENIX NSDI 2018. Renton, Washington, USA (April 2018).

SDX-Based Flexibility or Internet Correctness? Pick Two!

Rüdiger Birkner, Arpit Gupta, Nick Feamster, Laurent Vanbever

ACM SOSR 2017. Santa Clara, CA, USA (April 2017).

An Industrial-Scale Software Defined Internet Exchange Point.

Arpit Gupta, Robert MacDavid, Rüdiger Birkner, Marco Canini, Nick Feamster, Jennifer Rexford, Laurent Vanbever

Usenix NSDI 2016. Santa Clara, CA, USA (March 2016).


Communication Networks


Spring 2017

Supervised Theses

Boosting the convergence performance of SDX platforms (S)

Philipp Mao

Supervisors: Rüdiger Birkner, Thomas Holterbach, Prof. Laurent Vanbever