Theo von Arx

Theo von Arx

I am researcher at ETH Zurich in the Networked Systems Group led by Prof. Dr. Laurent Vanbever. My research focuses on the security and privacy of overlay networks.

Previously, I completed my bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology and my master’s in Cyber Security, both at ETH Zurich. During my master’s thesis, I showed that deanonymization attacks in the Lightning Network are practicable for network adversaries such as Autonomous Systems.

Research Area



Running Theses

Exploring Morphing DDoS Attacks (MA)
Student: Nikodem Kernbach
Supervisors: Muoi Tran, Theo von Arx, and Laurent Vanbever
Stealthier BGP Hijacking Attacks (SA)
Student: Dominique Portenier
Supervisors: Theo von Arx, Muoi Tran, Stefano Vissicchio, and Laurent Vanbever