Thomas Holterbach

PhD Student

Thomas Holterbach

I am a second year PhD student. My research aims at improving the routing convergence in the Internet. I have interests in BGP, Software-defined Networks and Internet measurements. 

I received both my Bachelor and Master degrees in Computer Science from the University of Strasbourg, France. Before joining ETH, I worked six months at Internet Initiative Japan, where I was supervised by Cristel Pelsser and Randy Bush. In 2016, I worked six months at CAIDA where I was supervised by Alberto Dainotti.

Recent Publications

SWIFT: Predictive Fast Reroute.

Thomas Holterbach, Stefano Vissicchio, Alberto Dainotti, Laurent Vanbever

ACM SIGCOMM 2017. Los Angeles, California, USA (August 2017).

Quantifying interference between measurements on the RIPE Atlas platform.

Thomas Holterbach, Cristel Pelsser, Randy Bush, Laurent Vanbever

ACM IMC 2015. Tokyo, Japan (October 2015).


Communication Networks


Spring 2018

Communication Networks


Spring 2017

Communication Networks


Spring 2016

Supervised Theses

Data Plane Driven Network Convergence (M)

Fabian Schleiss

Supervisors: Thomas Holterbach, Edgar Costa Molero, Prof. Laurent Vanbever

A Fast and Loop-Free Convergence upon Remote BGP Disruptions in Large IP Networks (S)

Simon Miescher

Supervisors: Thomas Holterbach, Prof. Laurent Vanbever

Boosting the convergence performance of SDX platforms (S)

Philipp Mao

Supervisors: Rüdiger Birkner, Thomas Holterbach, Prof. Laurent Vanbever