iBGP Deceptions: More Sessions, Fewer Routes

Authors: Stefano Vissicchio, Luca Cittadini, Laurent Vanbever, and Olivier Bonaventure
Proceedings of the IEEE INFOCOM 2012 conference


Internal BGP (iBGP) is used to distribute interdomain routes within a single ISP. The interaction between iBGP and the underlying IGP can lead to routing and forwarding anomalies. For this reason, several research contributions aimed at defining sufficient conditions to guarantee anomaly-free configurations and providing design guidelines for network operators. In this paper, we show several anomalies caused by defective dissemination of routes in iBGP. We define the dissemination correctness property, which models the ability of routers to learn at least one route to each destination. By distinguishing between dissemination correctness and existing correctness properties, we show counterexamples that invalidate some results in the literature. Further, we prove that deciding whether an iBGP configuration is dissemination correct is computationally intractable. Even worse, determining whether the addition of a single iBGP session can adversely affect dissemination correctness of an iBGP configuration is also computationally intractable. Finally, we provide sufficient conditions that ensure dissemination correctness, and we leverage them to both formulate design guidelines and revisit prior results.



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DOI: 10.1109/INFCOM.2012.6195595