Collecting Storing and Serving of Network Power Data

In order to study energy savings in computer networks, we need a better understanding of how much energy do network devices consume, when, and why.

The first objective of this project is to setup and populate a flexible data structure to gather different types of power data available today, which includes both datasheet and measurement data. The technical solution choice is open, but the resulting structure must allow for easy access and visualization of the data, while also faciliate external data contributions, akin to pull request on open source projects.

The second objective of this project is to write scrappers that fetch and insert power data into to designed structured in an automated fashion from different sources.

Ultimately, the vision is to provide a reliable and extensible source of power data that anyone can use to study or explore power-related questions in computer networks. This is very related to the Energizta project 1 from Boavizta 2


  1. Energizta
  2. Boavizta